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You have just arrived at the right store. Here at Click Sophia you have lingerie specially made to enhance your body with even more sensuality. We think of every little detail, looking for the best materials on the market to improve comfort. After all, nothing can get in the way of you and your special moment. Therefore, each model was produced with a composition that, in addition to ensuring that the lingerie enhances your body, does not cause discomfort. To preserve your intimate health, all panties have 100% cotton lining.

All good isn't it? But it doesn't stop there, to keep your wardrobe always filled with a wide variety of lingerie, we've prepared several categories filled with the best of intimate fashion, for you to create looks that will shock you. To keep your compositions always up to date with the latest trends, we have prepared the category of new collection. In this category you will find the latest models that are in the fashion world to make your looks even more unforgettable.

Of course, the category of sets could not be missing from your wardrobe. Here you will find sets with and without cups, in the most diverse styles and models for you to have the ideal set for every moment. To surprise in special moments, we offer lingerie in this section with unique details that enhance your sensuality even more. Of course, lace is indispensable when it comes to getting even sexier. That's why our sensual sets were produced with abundance of lace, creating perfect nuances of leather and fabric, making that irresistible show and hide game that will surely make you gasp.

For everyday wear, in our category of sets you will also find the perfect model. After all, comfortable lingerie is indispensable in our wardrobe. If you don't give up support, surely the models with reinforced straps are perfect to make you even more charming with great comfort for a perfect day. Here you will also find models with broad panty sides, modeling the shape of the hip and ensuring that incredible feeling of comfort during a busy and tiring day. And all this with a wide variety of colors and sizes so you don't run out of options in your wardrobe when it comes to putting together your look with the perfect lingerie.

If you have a lingerie model that can't be missing in your wardrobe, it's definitely panties. That's why our panties category has been assembled with models that are perfect for every moment of your day. In this section you will find comfortable, sensual panties to shape the body hiding unwanted fat and much more. To put together a complete lingerie look, take the opportunity to check out our wonderful bras. As in all our categories, in this section you will also find a wide variety of models for you to astonish at any special moment, and also enhance the volume of your breasts to create a look that will blow you away. And since we are talking about enhancing the shape of the breasts, we cannot fail to present our strappy bras. They are perfect for you to transform any boring t-shirt into a sexy look that will surely not let you go unnoticed.

Another category that you will definitely fall in love with is bodysuits. Whether you want to arrive at a party with your friends or make your special moment unforgettable, they are certainly indispensable. Here you will find the ideal body for all occasions. To enjoy an afternoon with friends, the Lace bodysuit Taina cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Just like the Anita Strappy bodysuit. To surprise in a special moment for two, you cannot fail to buy the Bodysuit Babi. This model was made all in lace with a "V" neckline on the front, creating the perfect model when it comes to getting even sexier. Of course, for your evening look we also have the ideal bodysuit. Get the Alice Sheer mesh bodysuit right now. This model was produced all in tulle for you to assemble an unforgettable lingerie look. Our tip to match this bodysuit is the Strappy gladiator bra Alexandra. Anyway, you will look even more beautiful in just one click.

Here at Click Sophia you will also find the best plus size lingerie in the intimate fashion market. In this section you will find the the biggest collection of models to make you even sexier and guarantee a lot of comfort and support. An unmissable tip that you cannot miss, is the Sexy plus size teddy Kiara. This plus size sensual body was produced all in lace to guarantee you even more sensuality. Best of all, this model is available from sizes 48 to 52 in 5 different colors.

Of course, to guarantee your relaxation and greater comfort. We couldn't help but make our nightwear category available. In our nightwear you will find nightgowns, baby dolls, pijamas and much more. The most beautiful models on the underwear market for you to have your beauty sleep the way you deserve. To bring even more glamor to your nightwear compositions, our robes are definitely a must-have. Our tip is Cotton robe Chris with Baby Doll Dalila.

Anyway, here at Click Sophia you buy the best in intimate fashion with those who understand lingerie and work to guarantee our customers the best. Therefore, when you buy with us, you have a personalized service for your needs. Our attendants are always available to answer all your questions. It is always a pleasure to talk to you. Don't waste any more time and guarantee your lingerie with just one click from the comfort of your home!